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Mushroom Growing Class of Summer 2018

Yesterday we hosted our first mushroom growing class for 2018 at Foodish in Belconnen Markets, ACT. Peter and I lead our convivial participants who seemed to love eating mushrooms and were keen to become home growers, through a few different methods for growing.

We made bags with sawdust and magnificent pearl oyster mushroom, tubs of straw and pink oyster mushroom, and demonstrated wood inoculation with shiitake dowels.

Foodish and Fungi Co are also collaborating with a Canberra Fungi Forage April 8th. Here is the link to the Foodish site with further details and booking information.

Coincidently Foodish is located next to Canberra's Giant Mushroom giving us a great photo opportunity not to be missed. I think we look like pixies under the mushroom.

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