Myco-Communities - Growing our Future Science Week
Science Week 2018
Canberra, ACT.
Free Science Week Event for schools in Australia to get involved and harness the untapped potential of fungi as self-growing materials - building materials, insulation, packaging, fabrics, sculptural art. Register closed for school projects. Myco-Communities will be on display at Science in ACTion.

Myco -Communities

For Science in ACTion 2017, student and members of the public enjoyed Fungi Co’s hands-on MycoPower workshops (demonstrating the power of fungi to convert paper waste into mushrooms). Fungi Co have extended this concept by designing ‘Myco-bricks’; small living bricks made of fast-growing mushroom mycelium grown on waste paper. Under the right conditions, these modular bricks can be used to build structures that will then, over several days, fuse together into one conglomerate fungal structure.


For National Science Week participating schools have been provided with materials and tuition for students to design and build their own myco-structures from mushroom mycelium and waste material (e.g. using: shredded paper, leaves, eggshells, books, clothing, etc). Students will be encouraged to apply mushroom biology, art, design and engineering to grow buildings or sculptures approximately 50cm in height.


For the duration of Science in ACTion 2018, our ‘Myco-Communities’ event will have on display each participating schools' structures alongside Fungi Co’s own designs to form a ‘myco-village’, integrating multiple disciplines in a visually stunning display.


Against this conceptually novel backdrop, Fungi Co staff will provide free workshops, lectures and Q&A sessions throughout the two-day event. Hands-on workshops will allow participants to make their own mushroom Myco-bricks to take home. Short information sessions will focus on how fungi have changed humanity in the past, along with discussion about novel applications of fungi and myco-design that may improve our lives and environment in the future.


The purpose of the event is to educate and inspire students, teachers, artists, and the broader community to get involved and harness the untapped potential of fungi as self-growing materials (building materials, insulation, packaging, fabrics, sculptural art). This is part of our broader mission of making Australia mycologically literate. ‘Myco-Communities’ will have attendees leaving as potential Change Makers in the knowledge that the Kingdom Fungi are indeed a Game Changer.