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Wild Mushroom Tissue Culture

Fungi Co in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia making a tissue culture of a wild giant bolete.

Shiitake Donko Style and Farm

Fungi co visit an old nameko farm with a shiitake patch growing the highly prized donko style of shiitake.

Bunashimeji Farm Japan

Konichiwa! Fungi Co visit to a bunashimeji farm in rural Japan.

Nameko Growing

Here are nameko (Pholiotus nameko) growing in house and shed environments. Nameko is usually harvested and used when the caps are small unopened and very slippery, however we like to grow them out as the mature mushroom flavour is great too.

Pink Oyster Timelapse

Pretty pink oyster mushroom time lapse moments.

Fungalina Mushroom Sculpture

Fungi Co maketh Fungalina the Pink Oyster Lady used for displays and exhibits.

Japanese Reishi Log Inoculation

Fungi Co join Mr Inoue san and his crew of older gents for mushroom log inoculation in rural Japan.

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