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Why grow mushrooms?

Fungi Co mushrooms are highly valued for their culinary properties of appearance, flavor and texture. Mushrooms are a good source of dietary fibre and essential amino acids, and are also extremely nutritious, containing vitamin B, vitamin D, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium & beta-glucans. Fungi are vital recyclers for the Earth’s environment with the power to convert and transfer nutrients between other organisms.


What is in a FUNGI CO Mushroom Grow Kit?

Our kits are a calico bag with a bag of mushroom spawn, spray bottle and growing instructions. Use it to grow multiple crops of delicious gourmet mushrooms in your kitchen. FUNGI CO Mushroom Grow Kits are commercial strains adapted to growing on sawdust (in the wild, these mushrooms typically grow from fallen trees). Each Grow Kit is steam sterilised before being inoculated with its mushroom variety. The mushroom mycelium (fine white thread-like ‘roots’) completely colonise the substrate, digesting the sawdust and using this as food, gathering energy to eventually produce mushrooms – also known as ‘fruiting bodies’.


Where’s the best place to grow Fungi Co mushrooms?

Our recommended place to grow your mushrooms is in the kitchen. Just like growing indoor herbs, they can be picked fresh and used immediately in your delicious dishes. Growing in the bathroom, garage, or anywhere else in the house is fine, too. Contrary to popular belief, these mushrooms don’t need to be kept in the dark and actually thrive in low light! But please make sure to keep your Grow Kit out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources and strong air currents. They grow well indoors but are sensitive to drying out. They prefer a cooler temperature but can tolerate a good range of household conditions.


How do I care for my growing mushrooms?

When you are ready to grow your mushrooms, open the bag without removing the plastic and make a slit from the top of the bag to the top of the sawdust substrate (about 10cm). This is to allow good airflow as your mushrooms need oxygen. Spray a fine mist of water inside the mushroom bag a couple of times a day, morning and night. Keep moist but not wet - the substrate does not need additional watering as it already contains all the nutrient and water needed for mushroom growing. When mushrooms are growing then their caps can be misted directly, except for Golden Enoki which does not like misting while its growing.  Mushrooms are sensitive to drying out and will stop growing if the caps become too dry. If so, dried mushrooms can be harvested and then continue caring for your Grow Kit to get your next harvest.


How are mushrooms harvested?

Fungi Co mushrooms grow in clusters and the whole cluster should be harvested before the caps begin to tilt upwards. Remove any residual stems remaining on the Grow Kit. There is no need to wash these mushrooms, as they are grown on clean sawdust. More mushrooms can then grow from the harvested surface after a few weeks as the mushroom mycelium (the white fluffy roots of the mushroom) gather more nutrients from the substrate.


Typically you will harvest ~500g of mushrooms from one kit over around 1-3 crops. It is difficult to predict the when the mushrooms will grow and the amounts of mushrooms you will grow as these are living organisms and a part of their wonder and charm is their variability. However, these are strains used for commercial farming selected for their good growing and cropping. Don’t forget to eat them - and experiment with their amazing flavours and textures!


How are more crops grown?

The mushroom log need to be kept humid between crops and will require misting once a day. The mushroom growing kits can be stowed in the fridge not freezer until you are ready to start the growing process or between crops. Keep the binding on or put in a clean plastic bag, as the mushroom kits can dry out in the fridge if not protected by wrapping.

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