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What is the grow kit made of?

Mushroom grow kits are made of recycled plant material inoculated with mushroom spawn. The mushroom spawn or mycelium is the white fluffy root-like part of the fungus. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of the fungus.

Where should the grow kit be stowed before using it?

In the refrigerator (not freezer) sealed kits will keep for a couple of months. It’s best to use them sooner.

How do I look after the grow kit?

Open the kit at the top and spray five times with a water mister twice a day. You want to keep them moist but not too wet. Use clean water and avoid any chemicals.

Where is a good place to grow them?

In the kitchen or laundry otherwise shaded and sheltered areas indoors or outdoors. Just don’t dry them out – don’t keep them in very drying air, wind, or near a heater, or strong sunshine.

My house is really dry – how can I stop the mushroom kit drying out?

Find a spot in the house that is not so dry, like the bathroom, laundry or garage. Or you can keep your mushroom kit in a large plastic storage tub as a terrarium. When you water the kit, spray the inside walls of the terrarium before putting the lid back on. This creates a nice humid environment in which the mushrooms will grow. BUT – mushrooms need to breath just like us so you’ll need to lift the lid occasionally to let more oxygen in. Alternatively, you can drill ‘breathing’ holes in the terrarium. Check out our advanced growing tips for more details.

Do I need to keep my mushroom grow kit in the dark?

No. In fact light can stimulate mushroom production. In the wild, these mushrooms grow well in the semi-shade of the forest. So normal indoor light is fine. Just make sure you don’t expose them to strong direct sunlight that might dry them out.

How long does it take to grow mushrooms?

Around 1-3 weeks.

When should they be harvested?

When they stop growing larger, break the cluster of mushrooms from the substrate and use. To harvest, grab, twist and pull.

How long will the harvested mushrooms keep fresh?

Mushrooms will keep fresh for 1-2 weeks if refrigerated. But it is really worthwhile using them when they are super fresh!

How are these mushrooms usually eaten?

It is best to cook gourmet varieties of mushrooms, rather than eating them raw. Although they all have different taste and texture, they can just be used as you would button mushrooms; mushrooms on toast, stir fries, soup, stews, omelettes, or salads.

Will the kit grow more than one crop of mushrooms?

The kits can grow 2-3 crops.